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CDP Diamond Drill

CDP Diamond Drill

The truth is that the world of technology is steadily improving and this has its reflection in every industry, including the industrial and construction sectors. With this in mind, diamond drilling is a particularly effective process which is used in the aforementioned fields of expertise, and it’s regarded as the highest possible standard for drilling any types of holes. By using precision diamond core drills for quartz industry, experts are able to drill through all sorts of materials. And they are able to do so efficiently and rather quickly. Using diamond core drills is a particular improvement over the conventional drilling undertakings as it usually offers a wide range of different advantages over regular drilling.

The usage of Precision High Tolerance Diamond Core Drills for Quartz & Semiconductor Industry makes cutting significantly more accurate. This means that the work is going to be carried out with a particularly higher standard. It also means that the risk of causing structural damage is significantly reduced. What is more, accurate drilling reduces the production of debris, and this can lead to considerable savings for disposal costs.

Increased Flexibility, Using precision diamond core drills for quartz industry is suitable for almost any working environment. This is because the procedures are known for creating a particularly inconsiderable amount of dust and noise and it’s possible to conduct it without disturbing workers or residents around. What is more, it could be conducted in difficult environments as the equipment is known to be very portable and rather lightweight. This is why you can use it for confined spaces. You can even use it underwater if needed.

The only drawback of using diamond core drills is that they have limited size of the hole that can be drilled. The bits are usually not longer than 1,500 mm which might be insufficient for certain applications. However, there is an alternative to that as well. You can take advantage of a process called stitch drilling which is going to involve the drilling of multiple whole next to each other in order to create a larger one.

CDP Diamond Drill

CDP Diamond Drill

CPD Diamond Products is an industry leader with all the necessary high-standard certifications in the industry. The company relies on years of experience in the production of diamond core drills, and you can count on quality which is up to the highest industry requirements. With this in mind, you can expect nothing short of quality, consistency and excellence when it comes to the products which are offered by Robb Capeling at CPD Diamond.

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