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Looking to Increase your Margins on PCD Flat Bottom, PCD Back Draft and PCD Ball Nose inserts???

Attention Mold and Die industrial Distributors…. don’t miss the boat …this is a huge opportunity for you to increase your margins on PCD Flat Bottom, PCD Back Draft and PCD Flat Ball Nose inserts.

If you are looking for a great company to do business with then you are in the right spot. I work for CDP DIAMOND PRODUCTS and we manufacture PCD Flat Bottom, PCD Back Draft and PCD Flat Bottom inserts. We can help you as your PCD DIAMOND CUTTING TOOL MANUFACTURER for all of your made to order item like PCD Flat Bottom, PCD Back Draft and PCD Flat Ball Nose inserts.

Hello and allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robb Capeing…better known as the (Cutting Tool Guy)…I work for an awesome 51 year old company in Livonia Michigan called CDP Diamond Products Inc. CDP Diamond Products Inc is a 3rd generation family owned business that has an enormous amount of experience manufacturing diamond cutting and grinding tools and I want to be your source for all of your cutting tool needs.

The cutting tool industry is an awesome industry and I will always make sure your orders are done right, received timely. I have a vast amount of experience selling PCD (Poly-crystalline Diamond) and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) precision tooling to a wide variety of manufacturing industries-automotive, aerospace, carbide cutting manufactures, medical, optical, power generation, construction, refractory, alternative energy, carbon industries, if so let’s connect as I would like to be your cutting tool manufacture.

If you are a carbide cutting tool manufacture, metal working cutting tool distributor, independent cutting tool rep or even an end user and you are looking for a one stop source for all of your cbn, diamond cutting metal bond and plated specials-made to order items? I’m THE GUY that can help you with this getting your items timely and done right!.

CDP Diamond Products is on the cutting edge of the latest technology using multidimensional tool geometries that were never possible.. We are now offering and have the full capabilities of multi-flute, multidimensional with endless possibilities with it comes to the complex geometries that can and will give you 10 x + the tool life of standard PCD dills and milling inserts & routers applications …machining twice as fast at lower operating temperatures with cleaner edge finishes….. if your are looking for the competitive advantage in a fast growing industry and advanced productivity then we need to talk about your tooling needs.

Feel Free to contact me for a confidential conversation about your needs and requirements.

Robb Capeling


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